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Manchester City's Aguero puts football before sponsorship

Image rights and sponsorship deals are part and parcel of a Premier League players earnings and it is refreshing that one new star has put football before sponsorship.

Like every tradesman, good quality boots are essential requirement to a footballer. Sergio Aguero is report ably on £170,000 a week after his £35million transfer from Atletico Madrid to Manchester City but the hottest new recruits to the Premier League is playing without a boot deal.

The Argentine striker’s stunning two-goal Premier League debut against Swansea at the Etihad Stadium came in a pair of blacked-out Puma boots. The company have confirmed that he is not contracted to them and he has also played in Nike and Adidas models since the end of the La Liga season.

Having the right boots and using a specialist such as Pro-Fit Footwear can not only prevent injury but help with re-habitation for a professional footballer.

George Moss

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