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Liverpool's new stadium credited with Premier League success.

Recent reports on Liverpool search to increase Stadium size to maximise commercial opportunities has not been lost on new boys to the Premier League Swansea City’s who's move to the purpose-built Liberty Stadium has effected success on and off the pitch.

Over the past 20 years almost £3.5bn has been invested in club stadiums and facilities in England and Wales, according to the latest review of football finance from the sports business group at Deloitte.

The importance of investing in stadiums is demonstrated by various key performance indicators. Swansea saw a 77% increase in attendance following the move to the new ground.

Mark Roberts, senior manager in the sports business group of Deloitte, explains: “The importance of appreciating and maximising the opportunities that a stadium can offer to clubs should become even greater with the introduction of Uefa’s financial fair play regulations.

“The need to balance expenditure against revenue will encourage clubs and their owners to invest further in the development of their venue and/or the land which immediately surrounds it.”

While there has been a marginal fall in new stadium openings over the last five years, the level of investment continues to flow, as clubs continue to invest in facilities to generate additional revenue 24/7.

George Moss

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