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Its Not Too late For Clubs


It's NOT too late for this season.

As the squads are coming together and with the big kick-off looming, it's the ideal time to look at putting together a Club Stickerbook for the upcoming season.

With stickers of players past and present it creates fantastic interest.  Rather than endless collecting with no final outcome - this way the collectors only buy their own clubs hero's and the money raised goes to their own club. There can also be the chance to win prizes!

"When the advertisers cover the set up cost's, you can gift the album to junior members as well as selling them as a retail product - It's a win, win."   Why wouldn't you do it asks MiSYB's Neil Collier.

The interest is really growing with more clubs (of all sizes) signing up for next season.

For more info visit MiSYB.com


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