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FTD embraces Red Tape Challenge

Manufacturing businesses, and that very much includes football, have a great opportunity to help cut the Red Tape nightmare that clogs up british manufacturing and production.

For the next three weeks the Red Tape Challenge will focus on 140 different regulations that manufacturers and producers have to deal with every day. The Challenge asks whether the regulations are good and should be retained or if they are burdensome or redundant and should be scrapped. Any business can have their say on-line simply visit: http//www.redtapechallenge@bis.gsi.gov.uk  and make your companies voice heard. The site has been designed to promote open discussion of how the aims of existing regulation can be fulfilled in the least burdensome way possible.

As a consumer of a whole range of manufactured product, from replica kit to stadiums, football has a big part to say. Foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­tory.­com's Commercial Director John Booth commented:

'We talk to many UK based manufacturers, and they have to fight enough battles - like foreign labour costs, the downturn in the UK economy etc, and Red Tape is an unecessary burden to carry. We are more than happy to support the Challenge and embrace it.'

The Red Tape Challenge puts a ‘spotlight’ on different areas of regulation in turn. For each spotlight theme, there is a four week window during which you can submit your views on regulation. Our six cross-cutting themes are open for comment throughout the whole Red Tape Challenge process (although each will also have a window in the ‘spotlight’).

Everyone can ‘join the debate’ on any of the live themes, and post their comments and thoughts on the regulation and rules that affect them. Sector champions (who act as a link between the sector and Government), will also actively be reviewing the comment pages – and respond to your comments to help facilitate debate and discussion.

This interactive campaign signifies a dramatic shift in the culture of Whitehall and it will be very interesting to see what comes out of the excecise. But at least companies have a chance to make their views known.


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