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An Arsenal Win Could Put Spanner In Works


Football News 24/7
As Arsenal head to Old Trafford for Sunday's showdown in the Premier League - if the bookies have it right the gap between Manchester United and Arsenal has become a gulf - Arsenal go into the game as 13/2 shots an almost unheard of price in previous seasons.

That is a reaction to Arsenal's apparent inactivity in the transfer market having sold two of their prize assets without having lined up immediate replacements.

Arsenne Wenger is being blamed by the media and the fans alike. Last week's home defeat to Liverpool - the first time that has happened in over a decade seems to be the signal to suggest Arsenal are no longer a top four side.

But, put aside the hype surrounding the sale of Nasri and Fabregas and what emerges is a more interesting trend. Arsenal have been low spenders under Wenger over the past five seasons, not just the past five weeks. A league table of total transfer values from 2006-2011 shows Arsenal down in 18th palce in terms of spend - in fact under Wenger in that time transfer dealings show a profit.

United, despite some high profile summer signings are not top of the list - that honour goes to Manchester City - hardly surprsingly who have spent £515,670 million and recouped just £94,050 million. United have spent £217,200 million and recouped a majority of this with £159,550 million coming back into the Old Trafford coffers. In contrast Arsenal have spent just £85,150million and recouped a very impressive £116,500 million.

The fans may want Wenger to splash the cash, but given the net balance sheet on his transfers the Arsneal bank manager must be pretty pleased - not just with the Nasri and Fabregas millions, but progression to the later stages of the Champions League courtesy of the win over Udenese has ensured another £40 million plus hits the coffers in the next few months.

Sods law suggests Arsenal may make a few people eat their words with an impressive display - and nothing will have given Wenger a better team talk than reports that now Sir Alex Fergusson has even suggested Arsenal need to spend more money - as though it is any of his concern?



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