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HMRC hit Wrexham with winding up order

Wrexham Football Club has been issued with a winding up order from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for a debt of just under £200,000.

A statement on the Wrexham official site said that the club ‘holds its hands up’ in not dealing with the situation but admitted ‘great disappointment and frustration’ that an offer to pay HMRC over a period was rejected.

The Blue Square Bet Premier side is currently for sale with hotelier Stephanie Booth the preferred bidder although other parties including former footballer Ashley Ward have showed an interest.  The statement added that the club needs to raise its revenue in order to pay its debts.

“Although gates have increased of late, the club needs attendances in the region of four thousand to have a chance of meeting its current budget. Cash flow problems are a constant headache in the running of the club,”

“Currently, our trading debtors and creditors neutralise one another, with the obvious exception of HMRC. The loss of potentially lucrative home games in December, only served to compound the situation.  If the club were able to access a funding pot to clear that debt, then the club's future could be secured at a stroke.”

It added that the club was now working with HMRC to reach an agreement over the debt.


Scott Hobro

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