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Blue Square champions plan to go full-time

Newly crowned Blue Square Bet North champions Alfreton Town Football Club have announced a three-year plan to go full-time.

Chairman Wayne Bradley said the step was a logical balance which wouldn’t endanger the future of the club although he did stress the importance of increasing attendance levels.

Bradley said: "We accept we have to make changes in order to be able to firstly ensure we survive and then hopefully build. That means we will be going down our preferred route of going full-time but through a planned three-year staged progress.

"It is not something we are going to be able to do in one fell swoop on the pitch but I think over a period of three years we can have actually create a set-up capable of challenging at the top end of the division.

"I know if we don't break records for attendance next season, we will potentially struggle. But I have been absolutely delighted with the increase in our crowds this season and I feel sure they can rise again by a good percentage. We will need at least 1000 average next season and I think we can achieve that.

"We are going to have to move from 100 per cent part-time on the pitch to what we need to be which is full-time. But the vast majority of the infrastructure and development and administrative part of the club are already geared to working seven days a week and have been for a long time so that won't affect us."


Scott Hobro

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