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Mick Rathbone Column

So, another frenzied transfer deadline day is over!  Isn’t it amazing that so much stuff happens at the last minute, even the last seconds.

I remember years ago when I was player manager, reserve team coach, youth team coach, physio, kit man and bus driver at Halifax Town, we sold a player on deadline day to get some cash in to pay that month’s wages.  Unfortunately the fax machine was on the blink and we were having great difficulty getting the paperwork to the FA.

The chairman was having kittens! So was I!  If that bloody machine doesn’t do the business in the next three minutes 25 seconds we aren’t getting paid next month!

When I was at Everton I never left my office on deadline day until the clock had chimed 6pm.  You just never knew.  People would pop their heads around my door at 1pm, 2pm etc telling me to go home as nothing was happening now.

But I knew I had to stay because the previous season I sat in my room at Everton’s training ground at about 2pm.  Again everyone was sighing with relief that another deadline had gone and we could all relax when the phone rang!  It was the boss.

“I think I’ve got the player I have been chasing and I need you to do the medical,” he said.

“Ok is he coming to the training ground or shall I meet you?” I replied.

“Meet me at the corner of the park”

“Which park? Stanley or Sefton?”


That was the way it has to be done though.  A little bit of brinkmanship to squeeze out the best deal for the club and you only have to look at the rabbit Spurs have just pulled out of the hat with the Van Der Vaart deal from Real Madrid to see just what dividends it can bring!


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