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Maximise your club’s income potential

Wear The Shirt, is a revolutionary opportunity designed to help grass roots football clubs raise significant and sustainable income.

WearTheShirt is aimed at grass roots football clubs, enabling them to improve and generate long-term success and will offer clubs the chance to create their own team magazines and offer a wide range of complimenting products and services designed to maximise and commercialise Grass Roots Football clubs potential. 

Founder Craig Rutherford commented: “we recognise the need for clubs to find new and more exciting ways to generate income and help increase participation in football and generate the football stars of the future.

“We hope it will engage with players, parents and supporters alike, as well as delivering a sustainable income stream to help you develop and build a stronger club and communications within its community.”

Its free, its easy to use and its fun...so sign up today.

WearTheShirt is a truly exciting product for grass roots clubs. It will give you the means to bridge the gap between clubs aspirations and current financial resources, enabling them to raise vital funds for infrastructure, new kit and equipment, improved coaching or specialised training.

WearTheShirt launches in October so contact us now to find out how we can help you.

For further information, visit www.­weartheshirt.­com or call Craig Rutherford on 0845 50 51 123.

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