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Ilkeston Town wound up

Blue Square Bet North side Ilkeston Town Football Club Ltd has been compulsorily wound up over its £50,000 tax debts.

The club's lawyers pleaded with the court to give it more time to pay up arguing that the sale of one of the club's star players was expected to generate £20,000 within the next two weeks and, with money coming through at the start of the football season, the club could afford to pay off its tax debt by installments of £1,000-a-month.

The court was also told how Ilkston Town's Chairman, Gary Hodder, is currently negotiating with investors interested in purchasing the Derbyshire club.

Lawyers argued that the “transfer embargo” imposed by Revenue and Customs' petition to have the club compulsorily wound is preventing them replacing the players they are in the process of selling.

However, HMRC pressed on with the winding up petition over the debt, which their barrister said was "just in excess of £50,000".

After a two-minute hearing, Registrar Derrett sealed the club's fate when she said: "I'm sorry, the company is plainly insolvent and I therefore make the final compulsory order".

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