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Concave Sports sign Wes Brown

Concave Sports have announced their signing of Premier League defender Wes Brown as a brand ambassador for their new technology football boots.   

Brown, a regular for Manchester United, is already wearing Concave’s latest boot model, the PT+ Classic, following a rigorous trial period during team practices and the team’s preseason tour of the United States earlier this year.

Following his signing, Brown said: “Being a professional footballer means I’m always looking to maximise my performances and gain an edge on my competition. Playing for Manchester United means that you have to perform at the highest level and I was looking for boots that could meet that challenge.

“I’m confident that with Concave, and the advanced technology and research that has gone into their football boots, I’ve found them. I am really happy to become part of the Concave family and hope to be for the rest of my football career.”

As the latest England professional player to join with Concave, Wes Brown joins his fellow Manchester United teammate and Republic of Ireland international John O’Shea, as well as Portsmouth striker Danny Webber and Crystal Palace midfielder Neil Danns.

Commenting on Brown’s signing, Concave CEO Jim Grimes said, “We are delighted to welcome Wes to Concave and look forward to developing a great relationship with him. Wes is one of the best defenders in the world and to have him think so highly of our products and sign with us is a great validation of what Concave is about. The things that drive him – performance and passion for football – are the same values that Concave epitomises.”

 Brown’s choice of boot, PT+ Classic, sits at the top of the brand’s extensive range. Patented innovations on the PT+ Classic include a distinctive sweet spot four times larger than any boot  on the market today; giving players up to 15 per cent more power and 30 per cent more accuracy, while protecting them against foot injuries.

Its Shank Balance Stabiliser provides further support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area and prevents an over-extension of the middle of the foot that can lead to metatarsal bone damage.

Concave offers a range of technologically advanced boots, which come in a range of colourways and outsoles. Following the introduction of the prototype Concave PT1 boot to UK consumers in 2008, the new Concave PT+ was voted one of the “Top Ten Football Boots of the Decade” by the authoritative Footy Boots website.

For more information on Concave Sports and the technology behind their boots visit www.­concavepsorts.­com.

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