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Is football recession proof?

As the country as a whole waits with baited breath for the coalition’s finance review 20th October, there is a view that football merrily sails on through stormy seas oblivious to the climate all around.

The ongoing saga at Anfield and Fratton Park and the financial plight Dundee find themselves in again would suggest the crew of the ‘good ship football’ should be steering itself into calmer waters.

The news that only four clubs in the Premier League/Football League have waiting lists for season tickets, and that there has already been a significant drop in average attendances this season compared to the same time last year, suggests the good times may just be over.

With a handful of clubs already fighting off winding up orders and others posting worrying losses can the industry continue to bury its head in the sands?

At the lower end of the pyramid clubs at grass roots level have been used to working within their means for some time. Ironically they may be in a better position to ride out the coming financial storm than their bigger counterparts.

With wages at several clubs outstripping income, but for financial support from owners and banks, some clubs would be insolvent. If you were running your own business on those lines you would be forced into liquidation in no time.

But what do you think?

Football: Recession Proof?
Is football recession proof?*
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