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Frank Whittle Partnership proposal welcomed by Swindon fans

Swindon Town fans have welcomed a proposal by project management company Frank Whittle Partnership that could see a new roof and increased capacity at the County Ground.

The Swindon Advertiser reported that the club has now selected one of a number of schemes put forward by the Lancashire based project managers for a £20m redevelopment.

Speaking on behalf of the fans Nigel Bennett, a spokesman for the Swindon Town Supporters’ Club, said: “I think long-term fans have been looking forward to potential ground improvements for many years now and any move in that direction can be regarded as a positive from the fans’ perspective. It will have a really good impact on the area.

“As a fan and supporter we see a number of developments in other areas which has given those areas a real boost in terms of look and feel and one hopes Swindon and the community will embrace any potential development in this way.

“I suppose that, and this is a personal opinion, as time progresses the view is the County Ground is the right venue. While some clubs have benefited from moving to a new greenfield site there are some issues around that so I think the majority of fans will prefer the County Ground to be developed.”

Andrew Fitton, Swindon Town chairman hopes that a new stadium will help the club climb the football leagues, he said: “The next few weeks are going to be key. It’s an important site in Swindon so there is a lot that needs to be discussed.”

“It will be bigger than the existing stadium. It is designed for the Championship, we think that Swindon can sustain a Championship football team. In our time here we have seen crowds rise by 20 to 25 per cent. The big rise would come if we were in the Championship. We would plan for the future, plan for extra capacity.”

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