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Dundee FC fans to launch takeover bid

Fans of Dundee Football Club have set a target to raise half a million pounds to launch a takeover bid for the struggling Scottish club.

Dundee FC Supporters Society Ltd met with administrator Bryan Jackson after Aberdeen millionaire and Dark Blues benefactor Calum Melville resigned from the board.  And it was made clear that the club can only run until Christmas.

The group plan to raise £251,000 by the start of December for a company voluntary arrangement with hopes for businesses, investors, the council and other groups to raise the remainder.  The money would be used to pay off the club’s outstanding £420,000 PAYE and national insurance bill to HM Revenue and Customs.

“What must be made absolutely clear is that we need everyone to do as much as they can, as quickly as they can,” said fans’ representative Stuart Murphy.

“If you are a part of this community, if you are a supporter, if you want Dundee Football Club to survive, you must do whatever you can. No fan can sit back and do nothing. We need you to contribute in any and every way possible,” he added.

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