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Bristol City stadium gets backing from rugby club

Bristol City FC’s ongoing campaign for a new stadium in Ashton Vale has been handed a boost after it received backing from Bristol Rugby Club.

The plans for the stadium have been under threat with the danger of the proposed site being given ‘village green status’.  In response a group in support of the stadium, A City United, currently has 17,000 signatures of support on an e-petition and offline petition, with more than 12,000 members also joining the Facebook site.

Group chief executive Steve Gorvett said:  "This campaign is hugely significant to Bristol's sport and leisure culture.
"It will give the region the opportunity to compete with leading stadiums across the world in hosting international sporting events and it is probable that the new stadium would host Rugby World Cup matches in 2015.

The development is expected to bring in £150million investment to the city and provide more than 6,000 jobs.

Bristol City group chief executive Colin Sexstone said: "The support of Bristol Rugby Club is a great show of solidarity and represents the fact that the proposed stadium is not just about a new home for Bristol City FC, but is part of a wider picture of regeneration and inward investment and puts Bristol on the map by having one of the UK's leading sporting and leisure venues.

"The backing of the sporting and business community in this region has been phenomenal as people are realising that there are many benefits to the proposed regeneration and development of the Ashton Vale site that moves far beyond the realms of football."

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