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New stars shine in South Africa in World Cup year

With all eyes on the World Cup in South Africa during the summer, Innersound’s Qi Masters had been visiting children’s homes and charities, giving Qi Treatments to children and staff, helping them relieve the side effects of their medication, pain, anxiety and stress.

The staff were amazed by the benefits and the positive changes in the children, many with the aids virus, who asked how soon they could return.

The “stars” from South Africa plan to return shortly to continue the good work started in the World Cup year and have identified a further 1,000 children who could benefit from the treatments from the Qi Masters.

The Football Trade Directory was proud to support Innersound in their charity evening to raise funds to help more children in South Africa held on the 16th November.

The fund raising event raised in excess of £2,000 which provided guests with food from around the world, live music performances and entertainment followed by an auction of gifts kindly donated by local business and friends of Innersound.

Football Trade Directory donated a signed shirt and as MD George Moss explained “We fully support the work that the charity has done in South Africa and we wish them every success in the next stage that helps solve some of the problems these children face. Football is the International language that children can relate to and we are happy to provide our assistance. ”

Innersound’s Eric Cathan added: “We have a massive task ahead to help the underprivileged children from the South African townships regain as much normality as possible in their lives. They are eagerly awaiting for our next visit in 2 weeks. We will also introduce the charities there to a new free internet wellness course, called the Global Happiness Programme,­ which we hope, will help them and their carers to learn how to create vitality and inner strength in their daily life. Thank you to all our supporters, for sharing their heart with us, and for the very special gift donated by our friends from the Football Trade Directory.

Innersound is a natural health charity dedicated to helping people create wellbeing and happiness through Qi Energy (or vital energy). Their Qi Treatments and Qi Energy Classes are increasingly popular methods to enable people restore the natural balance between mind and body and to cultivate a beautiful heart which is loving and giving.

To make a donation to this worthwhile cause please click here or call Eric Cathan on 020 7462 8811 for more information.

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