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Mansfield Town owner to take back ground

Mansfield Town Football Club owner John Radford is aiming to purchase the site of their Field Mill stadium from former chairman Keith Haslem.

Radford, who purchased the Blue Square Bet Premier side for just £1, has cited getting the ground’s site back as his ‘main ambition’ as he also revealed his reasons behind purchasing the financially stricken club.

“It’s my local team.  I remember the first match I saw them play, and I wanted to keep the legacy going. The deal went through very quickly. I knew that if I didn’t move fast, the club would go into administration, and that would be the end,” Radford said.

He also added: "I don't think anyone buys a football team for financial gain - it's a very difficult thing to achieve."

Radford has also been buoyed by an increase in attendances at Field Mill but is looking to get more fans behind David Holdsworth’s side. 

“Obviously, you need to perform well on the field to pull in the crowds.  Saying that, attendance has increased a little recently; we’re at about 2,500 at home games. We’d really like to get that up to 3,000 in the near future.”

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