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Liverpool owner makes debt promise

align=justify>Liverpool Football Club owner John Henry has promised fans he will not place any of the costs associated with his takeover onto the club.

But whilst the new owner did make a verbal agreement with Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton, no legally enforcing deal was signed.

Henry’s New England Sports Ventures finally bought the club from Tom Hicks and George Gillett in October after an arduous battle for the Merseyside outfit, and in an e-mail to The Guardian newspaper, Henry stated that the only money the club owed was to RBS regarding development work for the club’s proposed new stadium.

"The simplest thing to say is that we removed all debt but the stadium debt, LFC is not servicing debt other than stadium debt," Henry said.

Henry also refused to reveal details of how the takeover was funded but made a commitment not to use the club’s finances for any interest payments on debts.

"I have certain obligations to my partners regarding confidentiality of a private company and in not disclosing our financials publicly,” Henry said.

"LFC discloses its financials annually, so monies going in and going out are disclosed. But I'm not going to disclose NESV financials or financing information," he added.

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