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Fans ask for extra time


Fans of Lyme Regis football club have asked the council for more time to pay back a £20,000 loan

The club agreed the loan with the council to fund ground renovations, including new changing rooms, a kitchen and an extended bar and clubhouse after drainage and water pressure problems at the Charmouth Road site.

At the time the club suggested the money be repaid over 20 months starting from January 2011 but town councilors and club supporters David Cozens and Ken Hitchcock agree it could do with more time.

Coun Cozens, a life member of the club, said: “I wish to commend the council on its attitude to the club. But I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen fit to allow the football club more time to repay the money.

“They are a responsible body and I think if we want to really help them we should give them a longer period of time.”

However town clerk Mike Lewis said the terms of the loan had already been agreed by full council and it was too late to renegotiate the repayment period.

Coun Daryl Turner added: “There’s no way the football club can’t come back to us in, say, six months and ask for longer.”

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