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Council warned of landfill danger at new football ground site

An environmental projects officer at Surrey Heath Borough Council has warned the council about the possibility of facing a lawsuit, if plans to build a new ground for Camberley Town Football Club on an old landfill site go ahead.

The Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Premier League side insists that the have carried out extensive research into the landfill site under the proposed new stadium venue Crabtree Park. However opponents of the proposal are concerned about disturbing the landfill and causing polluted water (leachate) to rise.

Derek Gutteridge, Surrey Heath’s environmental projects officer, said: “When the development is complete, it must be anticipated that the bacterial action on waste in the tip will be accelerated and there may be a possibility of leachate appearing at the base of the tip.”

Club chairman Ronnie Wilson has acknowledged the council’s concern and will be adding extra fresh soil to the marked out pitches however will not be withdrawing plans. He said: “Is it safe? That’s the question and the answer is yes, given the extensive research we have conducted.

“I am not going to put my own son at risk, who plays at the club. My family is the most precious thing in my life and I am not going to risk my own son if there is the slightest risk.”

The council will not make a decision until February however a group opposing the new stadium, The Friends of Crabtree Park, has already begun fighting the proposals.

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