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Chessington and Hook FC plan ground development

Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Premier Division side Chessington and Hook Football Club is aiming to develop its Chalky Lane ground.

The club’s planning application includes hopes of a new stand, raising the current pitch - which is susceptible to water logging, as well as a new range of facilities and an expanded car park with 133 parking spaces.

Speaking of the plans, the club’s press officer Eric Wicks said: "We are looking to raise the pitch up and put in an astroturf for all weather pitches and we will have new facilities, changing facilities, a club house and a new car park.

"We are also looking to put a one storey stand at either end of the pitch," he added. 

Wicks also added that the club is hoping for funding from various sources including the Football Foundation.

"I know they have been looking for funding from outside sources. People have come down and had a look and think it is a great idea," Wicks said.

"It will mean the club will move forward. At the moment if they went up in the division they are in they couldn't get promoted. They are held back by the facilities.

"If you look at Horley they got a grant about five years ago and a brand new club house. Sandhurst Town got a £100,000 grant from the Football Foundation," he added.

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