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Recharge your batteries with Innersound

With so many games and the World Cup upon us, player fatigue is as big a talking point as ever. Even at a grass roots level exhaustion, unforeseen injuries and long recoveries can play havoc with the manager’s preparation and match plans. Thankfully there may be a solution.

London based Innersound work with the body’s intricate network of invisible energy channels to relieve stress and pain and promote health and happiness.

Their Qi treatments can be used in conjunction with conventional physiotherapy. Similar to acupuncture, but without needles, Qi is a non-invasive full body acupressure and sound technique designed to give cells and organs the energy they need to function properly and recover their health. Freeflowing energy is widely believed to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and eliminate toxins which can aid recovery from even long term injuries.

The Qi treatment also offers bodies a chance to recharge their batteries and can help combat prolonged exhaustion and fatigue. The treatments energize mind as well as body and leave players feeling clear, confident and strong in mind which can improve reflexes, focus and concentration.

For more information on Innersound therapies and how they can benefit you visit www.­innersound.­org, call 020 7462 8811 or email info@innersound.org .

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