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Innersound receive Royal visit

Voluntary organisation Innersound, whose work includes helping athletes and footballers with stress, pain and sickness, were visited by Prince Charles when recently helping those who have served in the armed forces.

The Prince of Wales was shown some of the techniques used as well as participating in some exercises.

Footage from the visit


Innersound work with many people in sport and have had their work featured in the Daily Mail and in many health magazines.  Many athletes and players start a race or a game not realizing that their body carries the negative effects of a stressful day, week or month. Indeed an increasingly high number of sports people start a major physical effort with disruptions in their body’s bio-electric system.

Innersound offers you the opportunity to understand

  • How energy blockages affect your performance and your mind
  • How to store up more energy before a major physical effort   
  • What is energy, how vital energy works in the body 
  • Implementing the concepts of vital Qi energy for modern day stress 

For more information please call Innersound on 020 7462 8811 or email ericcathan@gmail.com  

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