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Gill: Glazers won't sell United

The ownership debate at Manchester United has continued with the club's CEO David Gill insisting that the Glazer family will not sell the club.

Gill told the audience at the Soccerex European Forum in Manchester that the Florida-based Glazers – who bought the club in a debt-based deal in 2005, were ‘long-term owners and not sellers.’

He also stressed his conviction that a consortium of up to 40 super-wealthy individuals was not the right mechanism for running a club of United’s stature.

“Wealthy people tend to have been successful in business and all want to be decision makers,” he said. “The biggest clubs, including Chelsea, Milan and Manchester City are run on a clear, single decision making.

“The Glazers have no wish to sell and they are running the club in the right way. While there may be some dissenters who want to change it, the vast majority of supporters should be happy with the way we are running things.

“We now have an element of debt which is very easily serviced. It is a more flexible and appropriate (debt) structure. We now have (financial) certainty and can get on with our jobs,” he added.

“The Glazers understand sport and what it takes to run a successful team. They know that you need to invest.''

While stressing that he knew nothing about Red Knight other that what he had read in the newspapers, Gill admitted that the group contained “a lot of sensible and intelligent people”

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