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Experienced journalist makes move to the opposition

Football reporter Brian Ellis has transferred to the opposition after almost 30 years writing about the glorious game.

The Lancashire-based journalist is now using his vast experience to help clubs and sports companies get the best out of the media.

“I suppose you could say I’ve turned from poacher to gamekeeper,” said Brian who has covered football over the last three decades for most national papers, as well as scores of regional and local titles.

“The relationship between sport and the media has always been an uneasy one with deep suspicion on both sides, particularly in football. Yet a lot of that suspicion is unwarranted.

“I think I know newspapers pretty well and I’m learning plenty about what is on the other side the fence both with clubs and businesses.

“Sometimes all it needs is an understanding middleman to bring the two together.”

Brian, who lives near Preston, recently took voluntary redundancy from his job as chief sports writer at the Lancashire Evening Post. While he remains a regular freelance contributor to a number of Sunday newspapers, the bulk of his working week is now devoted to sports public relations, assisting companies, clubs and individuals to attract more positive publicity.

“Amazingly it is still true that those who shout the loudest get heard,” he added. “It can also be a case of who you know and how you put your case to the media.

“I’ve got a pretty loud voice, I have a huge number of contacts in the media and I think I know what makes a story. So logically there should be a role for someone like me in sport.”

If you think Brian could help you then contact him on 0772 301 3554 or email on brianellis1966@hotmail.co.uk

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