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Sportwear giants most recognisable sponsors

Sportswear brands adidas, Nike and Puma are the most recognisable football sponsors in the top five European markets, according to a new survey by Sport+Markt.

adidas and Nike, the number one and two most recognised sponsors respectively, hold the same positions on the list as they did when the survey was conducted in 2004-05. Puma jumps from eighth to third.

“Jersey sponsors and kit suppliers dominate European communication in football,” said Sport+Markt’s executive director Hartmut Zastrow.

“The trend in five years shows that huge investments and sustainability are essential to stay in top football markets in the long term. Companies such as o2 and Siemens Mobile have dropped out of the ranking as they quit their jersey sponsorship engagements.”

New entrants on the Top 20 for 2009-10, that did not feature in 2004-05, include airline Emirates (at number five), financial services company AIG (six), Audi (eight), betting company bwin (nine), Samsung (10), Unicef (15), Mastercard (17), telecoms provider Orange (18), and brewer Heineken (20).

Zastrow said that sponsorship strategies which crossed more than one club were the keys to Audi’s and bwin’s entries on the list. Audi was also helped by press coverage of its purchase of shares in German club Bayern Munich.

Those dropping off the list since last time include Siemens mobile (sixth in 2004-05), Deutsche Telekom (seven), tyre brand Pirelli (12), and Toyota (18).

The Top 20 list, of 'Best known football sponsors in the European key markets', is:

1. adidas
2. Nike
3. Puma
4. Coca-Cola
5. Emirates
6. AIG
7. Carlsberg
8. Audi
9. bwin
10. Samsung
11. Reebok
12. Opel
13. Vodafone
14. Ford
15. Unicef
16. Umbro
17. Mastercard
18. Orange
19. Sony
20. Heineken

The list is based on the number of football fans in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with an uprompted awareness of the company as a football sponsor. The llst is based on a survey of 3,013 people across the five markets, from age 16 to 69, with an interest in football.

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