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Row into alcohol sponsorship continues

The row into alcohol sponsorship continues with The European Sponsorship Association (ESA) claiming the government’s Health Committee Report on Alcohol misrepresents the complete picture of the alcohol sponsorship landscape and “fails to acknowledge self-regulation activity by rights-holders”.

The government report, which was released on Friday, made a number of proposals including setting a minimum pricing for alcoholic drinks in the UK and legislating that no event should be sponsored by an alcoholic brand if more than 10 per cent of those attending are under 18 years of age, Sport Business reported.

“The report itself acknowledges that the principal focus of its research and investigations was football sponsorship. By focussing predominantly on one sport, the report has failed to factor in other sports and other events like arts and culture which also rely upon alcohol sponsorship,” said an official ESA press release.

The ESA also rejected the 10 per cent threshold proposition, saying it is “wholly unworkable” and is “unsupported by any evidence to suggest it will have any positive effect on reducing alcohol-related harm.”

The ESA said it had submitted a paper to the Health Committee demonstrating the steps being taken by organisations involved in alcohol sponsorship with regard to responsible marketing activity which “demonstrated the considerable element of self-regulation being undertaken by the alcohol sponsorship industry, rights holders and sponsors alike.”

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