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Grassroot sides face fixture pile up

The cold weather, which is still wreaking havoc on sporting events, has left amateur and junior football sides all over the country facing a huge fixture pile up with many clubs failing to play a game since early December.

Should the cold snap continue this weekend, league officials will have to brace themselves for an unprecedented battle to get games played by the end of the scheduled season, meaning many sides will have to play 2-3 games each week.

Leagues all over the country have been affected.  The Huddersfield RCD Junior League is facing it's worse fixture pile-up in the history of the league.

Committee member Eric Kershaw said that the league were already far beyond the usual problems faced season on season.

“On average we expect to lose six weeks of fixtures in dribs and drabs and those are normally recoverable,” he said.

“But we will have lost five full weeks of fixtures in this current bad spell, and that is on top of two weeks’ worth of games that were lost in November.  While it is not yet the worst season we have had, it certainly has the potential to be.

“It would take from now until the season’s end with fine weather to put things on track.

“But the snow has not gone yet and, with February still to negotiate, I don’t anticipate the situation getting that much better.

Elsewhere The Lancashire Amateur League, in which local teams make up virtually half the league, have had 35 more games called off this season than at the same stage of last season.  However, league secretary Peter Duffy says it is not a problem whilst also suggesting that cancelling cup competitions could be the answer.

“Last year at this stage we had lost 310 games. By last weekend we were up to 345,” he said.

“It’s not looking good for playing games this weekend which will put us even further back. But we can play up to early May and we should get all the games in. We are not panicking.

“The difference is that last year, pre-Christmas and January, it was very wet, whereas this year we have snow and frost.

“One option is to cancel cup competitions because the league is the priority. You have to finish the league.”


How has your club and league coped with the weather conditions?  Let us know your thoughts by e-mailing office@footballtradedirectory.com



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