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Vodkat League consider early season start


Vodkat League chairman Dave Tomlinson has indicated that the league is considering starting their season earlier in a bid to combat fixture congestion for its football clubs due to the winter weather.

Recent conditions have led to a number of postponements across the football pyramid with the Vodkat League, like many other, now facing a backlog of fixtures at the business end of the season.

Tomlinson will come together with other league officials from Steps Five and Six of the football pyramid at Wembley Stadium where the issue will be on the agenda.

Speaking to The Lancashire Evening Telegraph Tomlinson said: “We are a semi-professional organisation and as such we have to finish the season on time.

“Last season Bacup Borough had a lot of problems getting their games in and we ended up extending the season for a week and then another week in order to complete the programme.

“But that doesn’t always go down all that well with other clubs, especially if teams have promotion or relegation to play for and people can see it as an advantage.

“The Football Association wants all leagues across the country to finish on the same day and as part of the FA we have to adhere to that –- but we can’t control the weather, that is the one thing that is really out of our hands.

“All we can do is hope that the weather changes and the tempe-ratures rise and we can get back to playing sooner rather than later.

“Because the longer this cold spell goes on, the more the likelihood of a backlog at the end of the season. But that is a situation that no-one wants or needs.

“It causes a headache for everyone and it means our fixtures secretary John Reid has a nightmare time trying to arrange all the matches for suitable dates.”

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