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Saints not for sale


Southampton chairman Nicola Cortese has spoken out in response to recent rumours, and insists that the club is not for sale.

Recent reports have indicated that the Saints could be placed on the market by the family of former owner Swiss billionaire Markus Liebherr, following his death in August.

But speaking to BBC sport Cortese said: "The club is not for sale.”

 "The commitment even after Markus passed away is exactly the same, and nothing has changed.”

"A few weeks after he died I was struggling with motivation, but it's not just about Markus now, it's for the people of Southampton and the legacy of Markus, I owe it to him. I'm driving his vision on."

"I'm here to stay. We're at the very beginning. I don't run away from things because something better comes along. We're really hoping to build something that will be massively successful in the future."

Cortese feels that the reports are part of a campaign to destabalise the club’s position:"This is a deliberate attempt to damage the club at this time because we're in negotiations with players and a very important [potential sponsorship] brand."

"Southampton are in a very strong position and people envy that fact," he said.

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