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Mansfield Town locked out of ground


Blue Square Bet Premier side Mansfield Town has been locked out of its ground over rent arrears.

The club has been caught in a financial dispute with its former owner and current landlord Stag’s Limited. Mansfield has been investigating various transactions made by the company, including the transaction whereby Stags Limited became the owner of the Field Mill Ground.

In a statement on the club’s website it insists that it was made clear to Stags Limited that it would not be paying rent directly saying: “the club made it clear to Stags Limited that it would not be paying rent directly but instead made an open offer to pay the outstanding rentals into an escrow account controlled by Stags Limited's solicitors.

“These monies would have been released upon the parties agreeing terms, the investigation being concluded or if a Court ordered that they should be.”

Explaining why the club decided to take this approach the club “wanted to ensure that the right and proper investigations, in view of the Club's serious concerns, were concluded”

However the offer was refused by Stags Limited and the club found themselves locked out of the Field Mill ground on Thursday.

Mansfield concluded by asking for fans patience and support “making alternative arrangements for upcoming home fixtures” that are in its best interests.

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