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“Lessons to be learned” from Imps £200,000 loss


Lincoln City Football Club chairman Bob Dorrian has said that there are “lessons to be learned” after the club recorded losses of over £200,000 for the last financial year.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Dorrian explained that much of the deficit stems from the sacking of former manager Peter Jackson on September 2009, he said: "If you look at the pay-off to previous management and the amount of money we had to spend over and above the original playing budget, up to around two-thirds of the loss went on that.

"It proved to me that we need stability at management level. If you keep changing managers every 18 months or so, it's a costly operation and in reality it doesn't move the club further on.

"I'm convinced the way forward is to have stable management."

Although the club is keen to cut costs Dorrian stressed that the Imp’s youth set up would not be comprismised. He said: "While the youth set-up at Lincoln is quite expensive to run, over a period of time it pays for itself many times over,"

"It is the future of the club, in terms of players we bring through and players we might be able to sell on to bigger clubs."

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