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Berriew install state-of-the-art Musco Floodlights

Mid Wales Football League side Berriew FC is one step closer to promotion after installing Musco Lighting’s energy-efficient Light-Structure Green™ floodlighting system for its home pitch.

With the pitch’s 250 lux light levels, third tier Berriew now meets one of the requirements for promotion to the second tier.

Expressing his delight at the work done by Musco, David Jones of Berriew FC said "Musco Lighting was extremely efficient and quick with all the work they did at Berriew FC. Within four days, the floodlighting was up and commissioned and the site was left in a very tidy condition. They were very competitive pricewise, and the 10-year complete warranty on all equipment showed Musco's confidence in their system,"

Musco's energy-efficient Green Generation Lighting® system is the result of 30 years of technology innovation and offers significant advantages for budgets and the environment. Operating costs are cut by up to half when compared to conventional floodlighting systems, and maintenance costs are eliminated for 10 years, including lamp replacements. Off-site spill lighting and glare are reduced by 50%, and Constant Light™ levels are guaranteed for 10 years/5,000 hours.

Musco has installed lights for football grounds around the globe, including locations in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, USA, UAE, and more. Recently Musco provided lighting for 10 FIFA World Cup training camps in South Africa and upgraded lighting systems in five QOC stadiums in Qatar in preparation for the Asian Cup to be held in January. Installations in the UK and Ireland include lighting for Aviva Stadium, Longwell Green FC, Hengrove FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Blackpool FC, Eastbourne FC, Brighton and Hove FC, Walker Central FC, and Haverhill Rovers FC.

For more information on any of the lighting solutions provided by Musco Lighting call 01942 811777 email eurosales@musco.com or visit www.musco.eu

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