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Free Event - Football & Health Conference

‘How To Open Your Energy Blockages BEFORE a game’   Tuesday 15th Sept & repeats on Tuesday 22nd Sept @ 7 pm

Club secretaries and physios can do their players a big favour by informing them of the above event.

Many athletes and players start a race or a game not realizing that their body carries the negative effects of a stressful day, week or month.  Indeed an increasingly high number of sports people start a major physical effort with disruptions in their body’s bio-electric system. This system the intricate network of invisible  channels and meridians which carries our vital energy or Qi  to support the body’s systems.

It is  well-know in acupuncture.  (blocked energy channels and toxins build-up).  Energy blockages are caused by stress, negative emotions, lifestyles imbalances and traumatic events etc....
At a recent Triathlon event in London, we encountered a high number of people with strong energy blockages after their race. 

Their run had been more exhausting then it should because of serious pre-race blockages. Innersound Foundation would like to playuers the opportunity to attend a Conference on the following topics:

  • How energy blockages affect your performance and your mind
    How to store up more energy before a major physical effort  
    What is energy, how vital energy works in the body 
    Implementing the concepts of vital Qi energy for modern day stress

As Eric Cathan, of the Innersound Foundation explains in more detail:

'We are confident we can help you to dramatically improve  your performance   in your sporting activities.  We have helped many sports people including Marathon runners and other sports people. We support the emergency response services of London so we understand the needs of people seeking high-energy performances.'

Anyone interested in the course can simply call the number below to book a place(s) on first come, first served basis.

Innersound  Foundation   25 Queen Anne St  London W1G 9HT  Tel: 020 7462 8811     

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