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Cardiff City selects The Fortress Smart Stadium Solution

Fortress GB’s latest installation at Cardiff City Stadium has expanded the company’s share of Championship Clubs to almost a third.

The brand new venue, home to both Cardiff City Football Club and Cardiff Blues, has a capacity of over 26,000 and features Fortress’ new TR-120 Readers at turnstiles stadium-wide.

As part of the Fortress Smart Stadium Solution, all of the venue’s 45 turnstiles now allow for fully automated access. Entry into the stadium takes place when spectators present either a barcode paper ticket or a Fortress multi-application smart card to a reader located at each one of the turnstiles.

Season Cards

Fans are issued with either Season cards or member cards, both of which mutually provide for future benefits. By increasing their fan bases, the two clubs will be able to take advantage of all the services that are present on the card itself. These include enhancing their CRM provision, partaking in loyalty schemes, upgrading to the E-purse solution, as well as providing an opportunity for an entirely cashless stadium.

While all fans experience a faster and more secure access system into the stadium, VIP guests benefit from entrance via elegant corporate Kiosks. Used to welcome special guests in place of traditional turnstiles, two wall-mounted, as well as two free standing kiosks are situated in corporate areas around the stadium.

Car Park

Car park usage has also been made simpler to manage through Fortress’ Car Park Solution. Using the Pocket Door package, parking attendants are able to use personal digital assistants (PDAs) to monitor and control the flow of vehicles using the car park.

Cardiff City Stadium is the first Welsh stadium to implement the Fortress Smart Stadium Solution, and is already benefiting from the many services that the system has to offer. 

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