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Clap Banners galore at World Cup Qualifier

It was Clap-Banners galore this weekend as 70,000 fans at Croke Park used the banners to show their support in the Republic of Ireland's crucial World Cup Qualifier against France.

The banners were provided in association with the FAI and the Irish Examiner newspaper to help create an electric atmosphere for the clash, which France narrowly won 1-0 to give them a slender lead to take into the second leg.

The involvement from fans using the Clap Banners once again showcased their unique appeal which has seen them used at a host of key football events including England internationals, Premier League and FA Cup games.

Clap-Bannerâ„¢ is ideal for sporting events, and has been well-received in events including Premier Football League, Cricket, Rugby and Ice Hockey sporting events. Hold one end of the Clap-Bannerâ„¢ with one hand, making it fan-shaped, then tap the other end against the other palm and create an amazing clapping noise - the best kind of encouragement for the fans as well as the team - it creates atmosphere as well as excitement!

For more information on Clap Banners go to http://­www.­clap-banner.com, e-mail sales@clap-banner.com or call 0208 959 7552.

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