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Cradley Town have announced a groundshare

Aspire Midland Alliance club Cradley Town have announced a groundshare arrangement which will see two other clubs use Beeches View Avenue next season.

West Midlands (Regional) League Division One outfit Warstones Wanderers will move in, along with the youth teams of Southern League Romulus. The move will see Cradley earn valuable income as they look to build on a promising first full season under manager Marcus McDonald.

Cradley have around £20,000 in the bank from the ground share arrangements and from a cup run last season and will spend some of it on renovating the pitch in preparation for the new teams. It is understood Cradley will provide Romulus with youngsters to play in their youth team in 2009/10, with the team posssibly coming under the Cradley Town banner in the future.

McDonald) said: “We will need to get the pitch done because obviously it is gointg to get a bit worn with three teams playing on it but that is not a problem.

“I would rather see the club spend money it has on things like that than blow it on players wages, because as I have said before, they don’t come to this club for the money.

“The place is going to be buzzing next season and I am really looking forward to this arrangement with Romulus and Warstones which will be beneficial for all.”


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