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Buy Stirling Albion - Fans chance to own a league club

In the current financial climate it saddens some that Christiano Ronaldo can be sold to a club for £80 million pound, while teams such as Southampton cannot even pay their staff. In Scotland in an attempt to secure their future Stirling Albion have decided to allow football fans to buy part of the club. The following article is taken from http://­www.­buys­tir­lin­gal­bion.­org.­uk

This is the chance of a lifetime for real football fans to own and help run a real football club. Stirling Albion FC is a professional football team with a fantastic heritage. It has been for sale for several years with no serious bidders and we want your help to secure its future. If we are unsuccessful the future for the club is uncertain.

Stirling Albion play in central Scotland, within one of Britain’s fastest growing and most historic cities, with a population of 60,000 people. Stirling is famed for our  links with William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and we believe it is the birthplace of modern football! ( see history section)

This is the first time that fans, no matter who you support or where you are in the world, will have the chance to own a football league club. With our campaign you will know exactly what you are buying. The long-established SAFC Supporters Trust not only want to save the club- but to restructure it in a way that means Stirling Albion will not just survive- but thrive in the future, under complete community ownership.

For just £40 you can play your part in the future of Stirling Albion. For this small investment you will receive an exclusive range of benefits as well as being able to vote on key decisions from deciding who should be our president to choosing what kits we use.

This isn’t fantasy football. This is real football for real fans..

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