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Southern League Wins Support of Key Drinks Industry Player

Inter­Con­ti­nental Brands (ICB) Ltd concluded a sponsorship deal towards the end of last month with the Southern
Football League, which henceforth will be known as “The Zamaretto League”.

ICB has a strong track record of supporting sporting endeavours and high profile sports, and particularly football events and Zamaretto (a colourful range of Amarettos for connoisseurs) is the most recent in a string of successful new product launches (notably Vodkat Classic Schnapps and St Helier Pear Cider) from the dynamic Harrogate based independent drinks company.The Southern League, which consists of 66 teams spread across 3 divisions (each made up of 22 clubs): the Premier
Division and two regional divisions (Division One Midlands and Division One South & West), is highly placed in the semi-professional football pyramid.

The League ranges from Truro in the South, Hednesford in the North, Merthyr Tydfil in the West and Bury St. Edmonds in the East and will offer significant awareness benefits for the new Zamaretto brand, whilst continuing ICB’s alignment with football-related advertising.
Zamaretto was unveiled as the new sponsor to the member clubs at the League AGMback in June. Richard Luscombe, National Sales Manager for the On Trade, attended the event on behalf of ICB.

Ken Turner, League Chairman commented:
“We are delighted that ICB has chosen to support the Southern League. Partnerships like these are great news for the profile and future of the semi professional game. We are already finding that we have quite a lot in common with ICB in that we are both enterprising, positive, forward looking organizations and are greatly looking forward to working together in the coming seasons.”

Zamaretto sponsors ITV’s high rating comedy programme Benidorm, the new series of which (series 3) starts in the Autumn and runs for 6 weeks.

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