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Unibond League launch new website

The UniBond League has launched a new feature‐rich website powered by Pitchero, which hopes to set new standards in the non‐league football community.

Powered by the popular Pitchero sports network, the new league website includes a revamped design, improved layout and navigation. Utilising popular social networking features, the site allows clubs and supporters to upload and share their own video highlights and match photos creating an interactive online community of UniBond fans.

The UniBond League website currently attracts 150,000 unique visitors per month but league officials expect this to rise sharply with the launch of the new site.

Pitchero, the power behind the new league website, has created a unique online community of non‐league football and amateur rugby clubs spanning the full length of the UK. Many affiliated UniBond League clubs, including; Marine FC, Wakefield FC, Shepshed Dynamo FC and Belper Town FC, already use Pitchero to power their club websites.

These clubs are set to benefit further from the Pitchero tie up because club content, such as match videos, team stats and match reports can be shared directly with the league website at the touch of a button, providing the league website with a daily stream of new UniBond content.

Being part of the hugely successful Pitchero sports network is a major bonus for the league and affiliated clubs at a time when clubs and leagues must fight for income and media space. Pitchero CEO, Mark Fletcher hopes this will be the first ofmany new league websites to be launched within the Pitchero network:

“Creating a new website for the UniBond League has been a fantastic experience. We are excited by the ambition shown by the league committee and we look forward to working closely with the league and affiliated clubs in the future.

“Pitchero is fast becoming the number one online sports network for non‐league football and we hope to welcome other leagues to the network very soon. Pitchero can provide a league or club with a bespoke platform to build a professional, feature‐rich website. Every week, dozens of new clubs and thousands of new members join the Pitchero network helping to create the UK’ biggest online amateur sports community.”

Alan Allcock, UniBond League Operations Manager added:  “Over the years I have seen league websites evolve from just being a few pages showing news, match fixtures and results with some basic information on member clubs to the multimedia sites we have today.

“The UniBond League had a clear strategy of where it needed to be with regards to its official website but it was not until the approach from Pitchero that we could easily see the benefits of a partnership using their sports platform and how those benefits will take us to where we need to be.

“Pitchero has created a brilliant new platform which I am sure will be adopted by other leagues in the coming months.  I am certain that regular visitors will be delighted with the new league website and I am hopeful www.­unibondleague.­com will remain the only place to visit regarding all things UniBond.”

For more information about Pitchero and to create a free website for your club visit www.­pitchero.­com/­football.

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