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City top spenders on agents

Manchester City topped the amount spent on agents in the year ending September 2009, forking out nearly £13 million.

The Daily Telegraph said the payments represented just over 10 per cent of the clubs' total spending on player purchases in the January and Summer 2009 transfer windows. The clubs spent £682.3 million in those windows.

The payments covered fees paid to agents by clubs on behalf of themselves, and on behalf of players, when acquiring players and renegotiating contracts with players; fees relating to previous transactions that were amortised over the length of a player’s contract; and fees to facilitate the outward transfer of players.

Reuters reports that the English FA welcomed the publication of the figures, a spokesman saying: "We are pleased that, through these new requirements, clubs are bringing greater transparency to the domestic transfer market."

"For the first time, there will be a game-wide picture of the level of spending on agents.

"The leagues and other key stakeholders have been fully supportive, following the example set by the Football League with its publication of agents' fees over the last few years."

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