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Soccerade supports grass roots football

With global acclaim Soccerade is now looking to support grass roots football across the UK with its highly developed natural formula making it the ideal Smart Energy drink for all sports enthusiasts and future soccer stars. 

Soccerade’s passion and commitment to the game is second to none and aims to bring the Smart Energy behind FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldo to people on and around every pitch.

Soccerade is looking to secure partnerships with every club and tournament in the UK, delivering passion and commitment through a natural formula that can help improve performance.  Soccerade’s aim is to give the grass roots arena the very best chance of a winning performance, so assisting the football community in achieving aspirations on and off the pitch.

Soccerade believes it is the world's most efficient source of energy, born from science and designed to meet the demands of Ronaldo himself. 

The history of Soccerade is synonymous with passion, performance and science.  However, in order to fully appreciate this groundbreaking performance drink you need to go back further to the early 1980s.

Leppin Smart Energy evolved from extensive research at the University of Cape Town’s centre of excellence in sports science.  The research revolved largely around the prevention of muscle and energy depletion in stamina events, the result of which was the discovery of long chain carbohydrates - a highly concentrated, easy to absorb energy source. 

In order to prove their existence, the research team, and a group of athlete friends, decided to develop a long chain carbohydrate formula to be tested on themselves in grueling marathons. The result was greatly improved times and feedback suggesting the formula left runners feeling fresh when they should have suffered - Leppin Smart Energy was born.

Leppin Smart Energy was genuinely designed by athletes for athletes: therefore the product is full of soul, enthusiasm and integrity - three key attributes that make it usable and relevant for athletes and other people as well.

The original Leppin Smart Energy formula has been used to create Soccerade PRO drinks. A totally natural and caffeine free soft drinks range that offers sport enhancing qualities without artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.  This makes it ideal for junior and senior sports enthusiasts alike.

To understand more about what a Soccerade partnership can do for you, your club or tournament, please contact 0161 828 5400 or email:

Tom Cummings tom@soccerade.com
Benoit Lawrence benoit@soccerade.com



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