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Agents fees drop According to Football League

Football agents faced a significant decline in fees last year, as the total earned dropped by more than GBP 2 million.

The figures were released by the English Football League, with Chairman Lord Mahwhinney deeming it a positive move on behalf of clubs.

As reiterated by Sportinglife, the Football League’s 72 member clubs shelled out GBP 8.8 million between July 2008 and June 2009, while the previous year’s total sat at GBP 11.1 million.

Throughout the past season, Football League clubs took part in more than 3,500 player transactions, including registrations, transfers, and contract changes. However, only slightly more than six percent resulted in an agent payment.

The numbers are particularly optimistic due to the fact that player transactions increased in the preceding 12-month period. In addition, 19 clubs managed to finish the period without issuing any agent fees.

The Championship League paid GBP 7.5 million in agents’ fees, with League One revealing a total of GBP 1.1 million.

As Lord Mawhinney pointed out, the six percent of transactions leading to agent payments is the lowest number recorded since the publication of agents fees was introduced.

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